New training

We have been waiting a long time for this moment. Over eight months ago, Andrew and I had a vision to modify the training we were currently doing in order to equip Togolese believers more effectively to make disciples and start new churches. We quickly realized that this would involve creating our own curriculum that would be quite different from anything we had done before. We wanted to make this training more engaging, more hands-on, and more practical. With this in mind, we set out to create a curriculum that was much less about simply lecturing information to the students, but more about creating a learning environment where they discover and assimilate biblical truths and practical tools in an interactive way. Thus, each lesson has at least one object lesson of some sort (anything from escaping from handcuffs to ball toss games) that clearly illustrates the main truth of the lesson. We will also give the students ample time at the end of each lesson to write down a personal commitment of how the lesson will impact how they think, believe, act, or work in their ministry.

Our goal all along was the have the capacity to handle up to 30 students at one time in our trainings, but we have been pleasantly surprised to see that exactly 30 people registered for this new training. About half of them are from the regions we have been targeting since the beginning of our ministry: the Lamba and Tamberma people groups, while the other half come from a large denomination in Togo that has shown a great interest and openness to learn a different way to make disciples and plant churches. Most of those guys come from the Konkomba people group a bit west of the Lamba, so we’re excited about seeing our training impact a new area.

We are asking you to pray for this new training, which will take place this Wednesday through Saturday. Here are some specific things you can pray for:

  1. For the Lord to work in the students’ hearts and prepare them to receive these new ideas.
  2. For the students to walk in obedience to God’s Word when it comes to making disciples.
  3. For Andrew, Tchéou, Daré and me to be dependent upon and filled with the Holy Spirit as we teach.
  4. For physical and mental strength for the students and teachers. It’s a packed-out, intense four days, so the need for energy and stamina is huge!

Thank you in advance for your prayers, and we look forward to updating you about how it went!

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