The messengers of life

Among the many new developments in the Oikos School since the last update, one of the most recent happens to be the most exciting. Over the past few months, an initiative began among many of Oikos’ former students to form a network of disciple-makers all across northern Togo. They have given themselves the name “Les porteurs de vie,” or “The Messengers of Life” in English.

The leaders of this movement met together several times to cast a clear vision for the network and to work out the details of how it will function. The biggest thing to come out of those meetings was that they will be planning, organizing, and teaching their very own Oikos trainings. They will be using the Oikos School’s facilities, training materials, and funding, but the leaders and members of the network will be entirely responsible for the trainings, beginning to end. This is such an exciting development because it is a very tangible fruit of the vision that we have had for the Oikos School from the very beginning, namely that the Togolese would reproduce disciples, churches, and leaders all on their own! 

The Messengers of Life will be holding their very first training on November 14, so please keep this training in prayer.