Baptisms in Aumalo

N’tcha is one of the fourteen students in the current enrollment at the Oikos School. He is single and the second youngest of all the students, which is significant in this culture. Most men in his position would simply say that they’re not ready to plant a church, that they’ll do it some day in the future after they’re married because people won’t respect them otherwise. N’tcha, however, has never been one to let cultural norms stop him.

A little over a year ago N’tcha broke his foot and his father told him that it was because he had forsaken the family fetishes (spirits). His father refused to help with any expenses related to the broken foot, but instead told N’tcha that he would give him a chicken to sacrifice to their fetish, and in turn his foot would get better. N’tcha boldly declared to his father that if the God of the Bible is truly God, then the chicken would be dead by the next morning and that if it wasn’t, he would sacrifice it. The following morning, his father was astonished to find a dead chicken on the ground, and he has never bothered N’tcha about his following Christ again!

When N’tcha began receiving the training at the Oikos School to make disciples and plant churches, he began reaching a faraway village that is tucked away in the mountains near where he lives. Shortly after that, however, the church that he used to lead in his own village when he was with his former denomination approached him and asked him to restart the church, since it had dispersed a couple years prior. After seeing their seriousness about this, he agreed, and they began meeting together again. The astonishing thing about this church is that it is made up of almost all children and teenagers, with just a couple adults joining them each week. This was such an encouragement for me to see because most people leading a church would get discouraged that there are not more adults, but N’tcha sees it as an opportunity. He has also engaged the young people in the daily functioning of the church and has even mobilized all the kids to collect firewood and sell it to merchants so the church can collect enough money to build a meeting place!

A couple weeks ago, Tchéou, Andrew, and I went out to meet these young Jesus-followers and witness five of them identify themselves as such through baptism. This was also the very first time that N’tcha had baptized anyone, which was just as exciting to see. Please pray for these young believers as they continue to follow Jesus together.

The 5 baptized teens with Jean (left) and N'tcha (red & black).
The church gathering at their old, dilapidated meeting place.

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